What we do for you …

what to do for you

Bonanza Medical Tourism is where the medical syncs perfectly with the tourism. We have access to the best doctors, surgeons and hospitals in the most beautiful locations around India.

The moment you decide to travel to India, you are under our care. Our Case Management team works to understand your medical needs and reserve all the necessities involved in your treatment. Our exclusive travel desk designs custom tour packages that let you explore the destinations that appeal to you while you take time to heal. We take care of your travel and accommodation needs and give you all the resources that you may need to make your stay more comfortable. All you have to do is feel better!


The Treatments


We operate with Multi-Specialty Hospitals, which provide secondary and tertiary healthcare to patients. Our network of hospitals provide health services in various areas, such as cardiac care, orthopedics, neurosciences, oncology, and mother and child care among others. To deliver the best Indian healthcare, we have partnered with a select number of leading medical specialists and private hospitals to offer the highest possible standards to our patients.


The Team


Our health professionals are the best in the industry. They are the most apt people to understand all your medical needs while considering your medical history and comfort level. Our administrative staff makes the entire process as smooth as possible and make sure you fly home completely satisfied with your experience.


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