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Health is one of the most important of human life and all humans are driven by the wish to live a hale and healthy life. In spite of the care they take they do tend to fall sick and suffer from some or the other ailments or disorders. Many of such ailments are curable with timely medical help people suffering from any of these do bounce back to good health.

However do all the people who see some symptoms of ill health approach the doctor in time? The answer is a big NO! There may be different reasons for this but one of them is that most people cannot afford to pay a visit to a doctor often. They prefer self-medication to save themselves from paying the consultation fees, costs of the different tests and scans and finally the medicine prescribed.

The sole reason for this is that though most people would have medical insurance but sadly it does not cover outpatient treatment. Such people are unaware of the existence of health cards. Such health cards are available online too. Only you have to subscribe to it and become a member.

On paying the membership you will be offered a health card online Owing to the possession of this health card you can get discounts on all kinds of medical expenses especially that belong to the non-hospitalization category- consultation, diagnostic tests and medicine. In most of the cases these preventive health care expenses account for more than 70% of the total medical expenses.

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People having a health card can avail about 30% discounts on these costs. Owning one such turns out to be beneficial in more ways than one. Getting a checkup done in time may save you from contacting a dreadful disease. If left unchecked it may have brought in a lot more suffering would have left a larger hole in your pocket even after being covered under health insurance.

Other than this the working person may have lost man days during the period of hospitalization and recovery may extend to a few months. The company which you work for may not compensate enough for the absence at work.

Then don’t you think the best option for you is to own a health card as soon as possible. Of course it is. Another benefit is that this health card can be carried along with you when you are on the move too as it is valid across the country. Hospitals, Health Care Centers, Nursing Homes affiliated with your health card provider accept health card, offer discounts and may offer other benefits as well. Health Cards are also beneficial if you’re looking forward to book health checkup packages. For example, if you’re looking forward to book health checkup packages in Mumbai, you can book them at a discounted price & get other benefits.

Why not buy a health card online today and get good healthcare services for yourself and your family members at a discounted rate. The choice is yours whether you would prefer a personal health card or a family health card.

With the health card in your pocket you can avail better medical help at a far lower cost than you usually got. Getting a health card will pave the way for a better and healthy life for you and your family members. Just for the fear of paying a huge medical bill you need not neglect the health of the family members now. A health card will take care of it with ease and cost effectively.