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It is important to read the human body to understand its wear and tear and accordingly find remedy to ease out the wear and tear. Falling ill / sick or suffering from diseases could be a result of a periodic wear and tear. Of course there are other factors - hormonal, viral, deficiency and efficiency of certain things in the body whose imbalance could create havoc.

Lot of us are pretty active in our daily life. Have healthy habits and a regular exercise and fitness regime to make us feel good & healthy and hence feel that we are fit and healthy. That's a very common trait that I have observed whenever I have spoken to people and a first level of feedback that I get from my team who asks these question to people across different threshold of life from a cross section of lifestyle and community.

But, in reality it's not necessary that a fit body is a healthy body. Many a times because of our self proclaimed fit and healthy engagements, we tend to ignore the subtle warnings and symptoms that our body keeps on giving us on a periodic basis. More than often and on numerous occasions we do not understand and get the message of the human body's alarm clock leading to avoidable fatalities.

Hence we get to hear some sad stories of long distance marathoners and absolutely fit CEO's of IT giants collapsing will running or in the middle of their exercise regime. These fatalities could have been prevented, only if they would have bothered to understand and examine the systems and processes where the body is revolting and asking for some corrective measure to be taken.

Almost all of us know, believe and agree that prevention is better than cure and the technological developments and progress made by medical science in the line of preventive healthcare gives us a lot of impetus to avoid and prevent a few health issues which if detected at an early stage can completely be cured. I know of so many stories of women who categorically ignore or pass off minor discomfort or pain in their breast as acidity or cramp, latter to be diagnosed in the advanced stage of breast cancer. Science can detect and prevent a disease, but it cannot create enlightenment in the minds of the individual to go for a periodic health checkup.

Over the years, our lifestyles have gone through a lot of changes. We work more and sleep less, we eat more (as there are so many options to binge on these days across all the places we live) and prevent less, we stress more and relax less etc, these factors are bringing in a complex changes in our habits, which eventually is hurting our body and what do we do to understand our biological clock and its needs? ignorance…

Having a fitment regime is extremely good, but at the same time it is also important to understand the nuances of our human body on a regular basis. Which organ is behaving in the right sphere, which part is in the process of revolting and which part is bearing the maximum torture of our lifestyle habits. A dime in time saves nine. Hence it is important to get a health checkup done on a periodic basis to get some analysis done on our self esteemed human body and prevent some fatalities.

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