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India, while witnessing the economical development, facing a new set of health concerns. Chief among them are non-communicable disease such as cancer, diabetes, respiratory infections and particularly heart disease.

  • Problems faced by India that increases heart risk are:
    • • Most of the Indians do not give preference to Health
    • • No time to exercise
    • • Driven by money and markets
    • • Junk food
    • • An average person is obese and smokes
    • • No self-control over hypertension
    • • Lifestyle is not upto the mark

About 12 percent of those experiencing heart attacks in India are below 40, double the number in the West. It is observed that a percentage of 15-20 are victim of heart strokes between the age group of 25 to 40. Heart disease would jump in young urban Indians due to their faulty lifestyle in 2016.

heart diseases in young indians

The report also reveals heart disease risk is now seen in the 20–29 Age group. The cases of heart disease in India in 2016 are expected to be three times the number reported in 2000. While in 2000, an estimated 2.7 crore Indian, in 2005, India was estimated to have 3.5 crore, 2010, the number stood at 4.6 crore, and Now, increased to 6.15 crore by 2015.

As per a US study Average age a heart patient in India is 52 years. About 2.11 lakh visits to OP department of 15 hospitals from Mumbai to Patna. Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) cases will mark 1.04 crore in the age group 20–29 years in 2016. Indians suffering from CHD would increase to: 2.5 crore rural and 3.6 crore urban Indians in 2016. In short, India will definitely see a huge increase in CHD.

Other Reports also Show:

  • • 32% patients are diabetic with coronary artery
  • • 10% of diabetic patients die with heart failure
  • • 70% of diabetic patients have hypertension
  • • About a million Indians suffer diabetes with heart complications

The increase in the number of heart diseases also depends on a number of interlinked factors such as ageing, genetics, gender, changing lifestyles, and rapidly evolving socio-economic determinants like access to health care. The heart disease risk factor affects not just the urban and economically well-off, but also the under-privileged in our country.

By knowing your heart risks is a very first step in avoiding a heart attack or stroke. Heart risk is the biggest killer, but it can mostly be prevented. It is about more risk factors you have in your body, the bigger your risk is of a heart disease, attack or stroke. The best way to find out overall risk factor affecting your heart is to see your health practitioner for a complete health checkup. The risk factors can be changed by choosing the right lifestyle and living in the present world.

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  • • Early detection and diagnosis of illness
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