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It is very common for people to get health or medical insurance these days. Most people have such a cover but not all are happy with the kind of cover they avail. The sole reason is this covers only the expenses of hospitalization and huge medical bills. There are other medical expenses other than hospitalization like consultation fee, diagnostic tests, medicine and so on. These do not come under insurance cover and the patient has to pay for all these expense from his or her pocket. Most of the insurers usually stay away from these outpatient care expenses and other kinds of expenses other than hospitalization.

It may seem that these are small expenses as you spend on these bit by bit - a thousand here and hundred there. Although when a person calculates all the expenses incurred on the treatment, he or she will be surprised to know that the hospitalization bill which was paid by the insurance company was only about 30-35% of the total expense and rest was for other purposes like health checkups, ambulance, tests, medication and so on. This is huge gap and is there no way to cover it? Of course you can cover this gap through a health card. Get one today then you may not have to open your purse strings so wide. A health card offers a lot of benefits that an insurance cover does not offer.

health card benefits

Availing a health card for yourself and your family you get a lot of benefit too. Enroll for the membership and get this health card online. You will never repent your decision. Your family will be thankful to you for this. Getting a health card online saves you the effort of contacting any company agent and walking up to his or her office.

This kind of a health card is valid across different kinds of medical centers like government hospitals, private hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and so on (If these centers are affiliated with the health card provider). You can carry it along with you wherever you go and avail the benefits you are entailed to using it anywhere at any time.

The company that offers the health card usually discloses the network hospitals that come under its purview. Hence, you can avail their services across the country when you are on the move with all the discounts and benefits offered under the scheme that you have enrolled for.

There are different kinds of health cards too. The individual health card can be used only be the person while the family or the couple health card allows all the members enrolled under it to use it for all kinds of medical expenses that are enlisted.

The cost of a health card which ranges from 500 INR to about 2700, for a family of 6 with 3 years validity offers different kinds of benefits and you can avail the one that deems fit for and that your pocket can afford too.When everything has gone digital in this age and you pay for everything the cashless way via your credit or debit card it makes sense to pay for the services in health care via the health card rife with all kinds of discounts and benefits.